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Craft done to hand with macrame,resina,semillas,piedras,cristal,madera and dung

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Craft Nebul, he was born in the year 2003 doing only pendants of resin and wood, at present it consists of a proper manufacture of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and spikes for the hair.
Creative Manualidades putting the art and the craft to the service of the beauty and of the fashion.
All the products are original and different designs also exclusive models. There are used the skills of the drawing, engraving, pyrography, troquelado, modeling and resinado. All this craft is realized to hand.
Also all the skills of the macram are used using the different knots that are known for the craft.
At present I have extracted a few new products of craft that are amulets and lucky charms in which (dung) as the resin used so much the putty polimerica epoxi, also earrings done to hand with the same putty and with a few very original and exclusive designs.
Also I have started with the leather and I am doing a few craft bracelets with stencils of several designs and metallic closings.
I am renewing the craft constantly, at present I am working the seeds.


A craftsman was born

lithography of a craftsmanYou will never be able to know where your destination will go, you can know by intuition something, can do a planning for your future, I do not know, you might kill yourself working to obtain what you believe it will be your goal.

I say that this is not real, all the persons take something inside that they discover in a moment, something with what they had never thought that they might do, everything depends on the circumstances, in the same moment your five senses will be opened towards an unknown but nice, beautiful facet it is me who would say.
It does not influence the age, where you are not even, not in that circumstance you are in the life, the moment has come, then in a moment, you know and vs with your own eyes with that of you something flows, that one something is the creativity, the imagination, the harmony, the colors, the designs, the beauty, the esthetics, the idea turned into a reality, etc. everything goes out of you with an amazing speed, you feel it, feel it, it is something really fantastic.
A craftsman has been born in you, now you will give life and beauty to any thing and will feel inside you this sweet flavor of being the father of this creation.

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