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Amulets and lucky charms

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amulet with agate

amulet with pink quartz

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From immemorial times until our days the amulets and the lucky charms have been used.

Of course so that an amulet is positive, it is the belief of his influence in our subconscious since only having the entire belief of his possibilities it is when this one becomes really effective with which we will obtain the results for that we expect from him.

The amulets must have only one proprietary and must not be used by any other person.

To the amulets a lot of properties assume to him, such like avoiding illnesses, malefice, bewitchments, etc. The lucky charms in contrast to the amulets, which passively protect the one who takes them, the lucky charms contain a few supernatural powers that grant some type of special power whom it takes them, as it might be the clairvoyance or the power to attract money as well as the good luck, to obtain desires, love, big achievements, etc.

Also for a lucky charm it is essential to have a big f� in him so that this one could obtain his everything what one wishes.


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amulets and lucky charmsAmulets and lucky charms of craft done to hand without molds with putty polimerica (dung), resin epoxi and mounted with stones, crystal and seeds. They have very little weight.

The stones used for the amulets and lucky charms, are prepared stones brought from Brazil (agates, hematite, quartzes, aventurina, eye of tiger, turquoises, jasper, etc.


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photo of amulets and lucky charms

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