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necklace of seed and wood

Necklace of seeds and wood


The materials used for these necklaces, are the special waxed thread for the macram�, pressed cotton thread and thread of leather, the ornaments are of coconut, resin, metal, conches, different beads, cedar and seeds, someone like an ox eye, for for, pionia, etc.

To puncture the images

Necklaces of tagua, eye of ox, asaiz, for for, yolal�, etc. adaptable.

Dung necklaces with inlaid metallic embellishment
seeds necklaces
necklaces of dung and metal
Necklaces of eye of ox and for for painted and resinados.
Necklaces of eye of ox, asaiz and coconut adaptable.
seeds necklaces
seeds necklaces


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