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This is a part of my workshop

photo of my workshopI am a craftsman and I have a small workshop in Algeciras (Cadiz) Spain, here it is where I do all my craft.

The macram� and the resin worked epoxi, also the stones, the crystal, the wood, the seeds, the leather, the cold china and the putties polimericas (DUNG).

My products are: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, complements for the hair, amulets, lucky charms, bracelets of leather and another series of articles in resin and also in other materials, like the conches and beach stones.

In summer, July and August, I mount a hut in the avenue of Tariff, where I sell my craft. (This has been finished, of a pen stroke the mayor of Tariff has ended with a summer fair of ten years of antiquity, supporting the fixed merchants and leaving wire drawing to the street vendors). More information in my blog.

At present since I cannot in Tariff, I sell my craft in "The Jarandilla" situated in Castellar of the border (Cadiz) in a craft track, every Sunday of the year and festive some.

Y� finished selling in the jarandilla that one this is already not what was.

Also I sell my craft to shops, medieval and particular fairs, quite depending on the stock that it could have since I work only.

You can request more information in the telf. 617513241 or for email.

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