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macram� bracelets
Bracelets macram�


asaiz bracelets with tagua
Asaiz bracelets and tagua mounted with waxed thread and closing coconut.


The macram� is the art in which only the hands are used to do knots and to caper with threads and ropes.

Macram� is a French word but this leeway of the Turk Makrama. This skill is one of the most primitive and it was introduced in Europe by the Arabs, which in turn introduced it in America.

In the Central American countries also it is used very much to do the typical knots hammocks.

Also in the peoples of walk the knots were used (quipus).

At present the macram� keeps on being used for decorative craft objects for the hearth and also for nice beads craftsmen like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.


Bracelets and ankle-high socks done with macram� and decorated with resin, seeds, china and other beads.

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macram� bracelets with dung


macram� bracelets


Bracelets made with putty polimerica (dung) mounted with flexible silicone thread
Bracelets made with seeds of asaiz mounted with flexible thread of silicone.
Bracelets made with seeds of asaiz mounted with waxed thread and closing with button of coconut.
flexible dung bracelets
seeds bracelets
braided asaiz bracelets
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